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  1. Creative ideas for business cards

    A white business card for a Beauty Consultant. The name is in a pink cursive font, title is in black and there are pink Sakura cherry flower branches on the card as well.

    Check out creative business cards and use the ideas in your own cards! We talk about business card styles and what physical features they can have.

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  2. Pure Waste® and MEB - Shopping Clothes Responsibly

    Three people wearing Pure Waste products

    Pure Waste products are a responsible and environmentally friendly choice for shopping clothes. Read more about the values of Pure Waste!

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  3. Designing a Decorative Poster - 10 Examples

    MEB Penguin mascot next to a decorative poster depicting a King Penguin.

    We're giving you 10 ideas of decorative posters with examples which you can then use to decorate your own space.

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  4. Designing an Advertising Poster - 10 Examples

    MEB penguin mascot next to a backlit advertising poster for Charlie Chaplin's movie ''The Gold Rush''

    Advertising Posters are inexpensive to design and produce, and they have a good visibility. You can find uses for advertising posters with examples from our blog!

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  5. Print Products Quickly with Rush Service

    MEB Penguin mascot with a timer clock, showcasing how production times can be quick

    Need marketing materials quickly? At the last moment with gift purchases? We at MEB have a solution for urgent print orders: The Rush Service!

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  6. How to Convert Fonts to Paths

    MEB mascot with text symbols showcasing how fonts can be converted to paths

    When ordering various print products, you may receive a request from the printing house to convert/change the text fonts in the file into "paths." We will tell you the reasons for this procedure, what the "paths" are based on and how to convert text fonts in the most common programs, so that printing will be easy from now on.

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  7. Seminar posters for conferences

    Seminar posters for conferences

    When time is of the essence, count on us for swift and impeccable seminar posters at MEB, Kamppi.

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  8. Slush and other business events

    Slush and other business events

    In the fast-paced world of Slush, where every minute counts, MEB is your trusted printing partner.

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  9. Kalenterit omilla kuvilla

    Kalenterit omalla printillä

    Lisäsimme MEB tuotevalikoimaan vihdoin seinä- ja pöytäkalenterit. Tilaa kalenteri omilla kuvilla lahjaksi tai omaksi iloksi!

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  10. Oletko tilannut uutiskirjeemme?

    MEB kesäpingviini

    MEB Pingviinimme nauttivat kesästä, mutta lomat eivät vaikuta aukioloaikoihimme. Tilaa uutiskirjeemme ja pysyt kärryillä uutisista ja tarjouksista.

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