Design service for print-ready files - MEB

MEB can help you design and create a print-ready file suitable for production. This can be done while-you-wait for simple designs but for bigger projects, appointments should be booked. Bring us your ideas and any files we`ll need to use to create the final product. We can help with logos, layouts, concepts, file alterations and changes, photo editing, web design and other creative solutions.

Pricing is time based:

Easy Design while you wait3min / 4€
By appointment only.
Quotes will be made after your project has been reviewed.
1h / 80€
2-5h / 70€
6-20h / 65€
20+ h / 60€

Products ordered in shop or by email include 6 minutes of free file alteration time.

If we design the file from scratch the minimum charge is 20€. If you need the file for yourself (ie. to be printed elsewhere) we charge a 20€ fee per file/format.

Ask for more details by email.

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