Safety Clothing

We have a versatile selection of visibility and safety textiles and with the different printing techniques we can print almost any design.

The entire ProJob catalogue is available through us. Contact us if you want to order a specific textile from the Projob range.

If you are unsure which printing technique suits your design, you can also send your order to us by email to

Get larger quantities inexpensively with screen printing. We recommend asking for a quote for larger orders (100+ shirts).

See also reflectors.

Same day / 24h
5-7 days
Supervalue 5-7 days

Files for textile printing:

Provide the graphics preferably in 1:1 sized vector files (pdf, eps, svg, ai, cdr), but also high quality image files (jpeg, png, tiff) are accepted.

In textile printing there is always a distinct border between the print and the fabric. It is NOT possible to use different glow and shadow effects to make a smooth gradient from print colour to textile colour. The printed film always has a visible edge even if the print colour was very close to the fabric colour.

We always prepare the prints without backgrounds so that the the fabric would show through the empty areas. With small details this is not possible and we might need to cut the printed film slightly larger than the graphics but we make sure the end result looks nice. In these cases we'll provide a mockup draft for the customer to see before we print the textiles. You may also include cutlines on a separate layer or on their own page so that we can see which shape you want the print in.

You may also attach a mockup of the final product to help us position the print according to your wish. If we are not sure where you want the print we will confirm it by email before printing.

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