Folded business cards easily, inexpensively and quickly

High-quality business cards from the fastest service in Finland! Share your contact information with folded business cards and make it a game, for example with stamp cards! This way, your brand is more easily remembered and you give customers a reason to come again and make them regular customers!

Our business cards are available in many standard as well as custom sizes, have several choices of paper as well as options for lamination, foiling, rounded corners and variable information. You can also order a sample copy from us, so you can see how your business card will look when printed and you can be sure of the end result!

Activate your customers

Business cards are mainly used to share the brand and contact information, and by making them impressive and attention-grabbing, it is more likely that they will stay in people's minds. By making business cards with a fold, you get twice as much surface area, which in turn gives the opportunity for creativity on how to use the extra space.

One of the most common examples is to use part of the business card's surface area for loyalty stamps, and when you collect enough of them, you get some defined benefit. Another example is to use a folded business card as a serial card, for example the right to use the service at a reduced price for 10 visits and they are tracked using stamps.

With these means, you can attract customers to visit again by gamifying your business cards, the original purpose of which is only to share contact information and bring the brand to people's awareness.

Personal choice of shape

Normally, business cards are simple one- or two-sided cards, but folded business cards allow for a more personal appearance. The fold gives the business card a cover where you can place, for example, the logo and the title, and on the inside contact information in more detail, a stamp card, etc.

The larger surface area gives you freer hands for creativity, and the selection and placement of the elements are in your own hands.

Several standard sizes or define your own one

Folded business cards are available in three standard sizes, but you can also give us a custom one! Note that the standard size of one page is 90x50mm, but the size of the opening varies depending on in which way the elements are placed on the card and which side the fold is on.

Standard opening sizes:

  • 180x50mm (fold on the shorter side of the standard page)
  • 90x100mm P (Portrait=vertical, fold on the longer side of the standard page)
  • 90x100mm L (Landscape=horizontal, fold on the longer side of the standard page)
ProductProduct SizeProduct Size (including 3mm bleeds)Template files
90x100mm P100x90mm104x94mmDownload
90x100mm L90x100mm94x104mmDownload

Provide the file preferably in pdf format and as spreads instead of pages. Sides of the card may be separate or preferably both in the same file. Remember the bleeds (2mm).

Read more about technical specifications here

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Several high-quality paper options

Business cards are not only viewed, but also touched. By choosing a paper pleasant to the touch for business cards, you give the customer a professional impression, and that you invest in the marketing of yourself. When receiving a business card, the customer may think how good the card feels, and a positive mood helps the listener to absorb the information they receive.

Our standard papers include:

  • Matte 300g, matte paper suitable for general use,
  • Silk 300g, semi-gloss paper suitable for photos and bright colours
  • Postcard 260g, postcard paper which is semi-glossy on one side and uncoated matte paper on the other.

Standard papers are ideal for business cards that are distributed in larger quantities.

Among the ecological options, you can find uncoated and unbleached matte papers:

  • Eco Brown 275g, brown paper that is untreated and suitable for simple graphics,
  • Eco Matte 300g, unbleached and slightly greyish cardboard, which is made of recycled materials and is well suited for all kinds of designs.

These are perfect for business cards if your brand or business is strongly related to responsibility and being ecological, and you want to communicate this in the form of a business card.

Our premium options include:

  • Matte High Grade 350g, high-quality and smooth matte paper suitable for all kinds of designs,
  • White Textured 300g, textured and bleached matte paper suitable for simple designs,
  • Cream 300g, light cream-coloured dense matte paper, suitable for all kinds of designs,
  • Black 270g, black-dyed matte cardboard suitable for simple designs,
  • Supergold 250g, uncoated gold coloured pearl cardboard suitable for simple designs,
  • Metallic 250g, uncoated silver coloured pearl cardboard suitable for simple designs.

These options are perfect if you want your business cards to have a more special look or give the impression of a luxury product.

Lamination, foiling and rounding corners

In addition to the size, our business cards can be personalised in different ways:

  • With lamination, you ensure that your business card lasts for a long time and gives a good impression. Lamination also gives the business card a sturdy feel and makes the surface pleasant to the touch. This is a good option for premium customers instead of mass distribution.
  • The foiling is like a gloss effect printed on the product. With foiling, you can make your business card feel valuable or, depending on the graphics, you can make them realistic. Our new foiling device enables even thin foiling, so you can unleash your creativity! MEB has foils in gold and silver and they are suitable for text, graphics or the entire card.
  • Rounding the corners removes sharp corners from the business card, so you don't have to worry about them wearing out. It also becomes more special and at the same time more personal, making it easier to remember. It can also be a brand choice.

Variable Data Printing

The choice of varying information enables business cards to be individualised. With this option, you can print unique elements on business cards that change from card to card, for example discount codes. Individualisation is done by sending a table file, i.e. an Excel table, and its information must be clearly categorised, and that the changing information of one card can be seen horizontally.

Before preparing the table, try out the design with the longest possible name or variable so you are aware of your limitations. This avoids a situation where, for example, the design is optimised using a shorter name, but the longer name does not set in correctly.

In the case of discount codes, the table should look something like this, because only the codes are variables.

Variable Data Table

Sample card

If you want to try out your business cards before mass production or you are not sure how the business card design will look when printed and in different perspectives, you can order a sample!

You can feel the sample card in your hands and then ask us to start mass production, or you can send us a new version of the design and try again.

You can either pick up the model from our shop in Kamppi Sähkötalo or get it mailed to your office or home address.

Choose the production time that suits your needs

At MEB, we offer a wide range of production times with different benefits! These vary from same-day express production to normal production and, for larger print quantities, to Super Value production, which enables even more affordable print costs:

  • If you are on the move at the last minute and need to get the print products quickly, we have options depending on the degree of urgency. Choose the same-day or 24-hour Rush Service
  • If the order is not in a hurry, Fast Digital is our normal production time and the duration is 2-3 working days from the order.
  • If you want significant savings on printing and the print quantities are large, you can choose the Super Value production! Super Value production takes longer than others, but you get significant savings on larger print quantities.

Making business cards with us is easy

  1. Prepare a printable file, preferably in pdf format. Remember the bleed areas (2mm). Read more about the technical requirements of the file from here.
  2. Choose a size from the standard options or define a custom size.
  3. Select paper type, material or coating.
  4. Upload your design file or paste a download link to it and select the number of prints. You can also send several print files and choose different print quantities for them. Remember that larger print quantities lower the production costs of a single product.
  5. Choose the production time, after which the products can be picked up from the Kamppi Sähkötalo store or sent by mail. In this case, the delivery time must be taken into account. See all delivery options on the checkout page.
  6. You can also enter additional information about your order in the text field.

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us in the most convenient way for you. You can find our store contact information at the bottom of the page.

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