A café with MEB printing products, such as stands, signs, name badges etc.A café with MEB printing products, such as stands, signs, name badges etc.

Print products for restaurants

A lot of printed products are needed for the operating a restaurant. Some of these are necessary and enable business operations, while some promote sales by advertising and bringing forth the brand.
The restaurant's printed products should be of high quality, impressive in appearance, and the intended message should be clearly expressed, so that your current and new customers will see your message and be happy to come for a meal.

MEB offers a wide variety of print products for your needs and you can get them even in a short time frame! We can also assist in the design of your prints with the help of a design service.
On this page, you will find the most common print products for restaurants, which will help you make your business easier


Table of contents:


The most common products

Menus and price lists

A couple reading from menus with an MEB logoA couple reading from menus with an MEB logo

Menus are one of the most important printed products in many establishments in the industry, as the customer must be able to look at the menu and make a decision based on the information listed in it. Menus should be clear, have an appropriate shape, be large enough to list all the products, and have a pleasant appearance and feel.

MEB offers a wide variety of prints suitable for menus, as well as services for print products that may already exist. We have, among other things:

Laminated prints

high-quality coating that protects printed products from, for example, splashes and dirt and is easy to wipe clean. Perfect for one- and two-sided menus, and we can also laminate existing menus, so you don't have to print new ones and save resources.

A laminated menu, the gloss hints of a high quality coatingA laminated menu, the gloss hints of a high quality coating

Flyers, brochures and booklets

If you need temporary menus, for example seasonal menus such as for May Day brunch, or a separate list for drinks, for example, we recommend these printouts for those purposes.

A drink menu as a brochure with one foldA drink menu as a brochure with one fold
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Trianglular table talkers

These are excellent, for example, for presenting special or campaign products, such as promoting a novelty wine. Three sides allow everyone sitting at the table to see their contents. A tent model is also available, which has only two sides and is well suited for tables that seat two.

An advertisement for a special drink in a tent-model table talkerAn advertisement for a special drink in a tent-model table talker
Template by starline on Freepik

Table stands

These are perfectly suited for advertising special products or offers, for example on the checkout counter. Available in four models.

An advertising campaign for a drink in discount on a table standAn advertising campaign for a drink in discount on a table stand


Menus and price lists are also suitable printed on a poster. These can be placed behind the cash register on the wall or attached to the window, allowing passersby to look at the prices before deciding to enter the store. Posters are also well suited for advertising, for example advertising stands. More on that below.

A price list in a posterA price list in a poster

Restaurant advertising and branding

The exterior of a restaurant with MEB products, such as an a-stand with an advertising poster, window stickers etcThe exterior of a restaurant with MEB products, such as an a-stand with an advertising poster, window stickers etc
A-stand template by qeaql-studio on Freepik


The restaurant's location and its appearance inside and out are its best advertisement, right after satisfied customers. Advertising and branding should start by making sure that passersby and customers remember the existence of your restaurant even after a long time.
From MEB, you can get all the necessary print products cheaply, and with them you can communicate to customers what your restaurant and brand are all about.

Window stickers and taping

With printed stickers and tapes, you decorate the windows and doors of your restaurant effectively and clearly, strengthening the brand and conveying important messages. For example, you can decorate them with your restaurant's logo, and the opening hours will go on the door, so that passersby know to come according to the opening hours. You can also get an installation service from us!

Check out our sticker selection and installation service on our website and place an order!

Logo stickers of a restaurantLogo stickers of a restaurant
Template by

Business cards

Business cards are a traditional way to share contact information and at the same time highlight your own brand. These cards are available in different sizes, single- or double-sided, and with several different options for paper material, coating, lamination, foiling, etc. More options and settings allow creativity.

A holder and a case are also available for business cards to optimize their sharing. The stand on the counter allows customers interested in the restaurant to take their business cards themselves, and the card case that fits in the pocket protects the business cards during visits, from which the card can then be taken out when the right moment comes.

A business card of a fish restaurantA business card of a fish restaurant
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Folded business cards

Folded business cards have the same features as traditional business cards, but the increased surface area brought by the folding allows for creativity in the use of space!

Folded business cards are more common for restaurants, as the fold gives the business card more surface area for other purposes as well. The most common of these is reserving space for a stamp pass, which loyal customers use to get some defined benefit, such as a significant discount. At the same time, you can also get various stamps and their accessories from MEB.
Folded business cards can also be given as gifts to others, for example with a gift card, which gives the cards a completely new purpose.

A hamburger restaurant's folded business card with a stamp pass for loyal customersA hamburger restaurant's folded business card with a stamp pass for loyal customers

Advertising posters

In addition to presenting the menu, posters can also be used for advertising purposes. Advertising posters can be used to communicate, for example, opening hours, new products, discount sales, events such as Happy Hour, the name of a restaurant or cafe, previously mentioned price lists, etc. You can read more about the intended uses in our blog post.

Banner ads have many options and settings; all the most common sizes or a self-defined one, several types of paper and coatings. Posters printed on plastic film protect advertising posters from moisture and the effects of the weather, so they convey their message for a long time and without wear.
Advertising posters can be placed, for example, in reserved places on the street, in a restaurant window or on a wall. These can also be placed inside the advertising stand, which you can read more about in the next section.

An advertising poster of a ramen restaurantAn advertising poster of a ramen restaurant

Advertising stands and flags

Advertising stands are an excellent and visible way to advertise your store outside and have been used for a long time. The visibility can also be adjusted by placing the stand in the desired direction, and the plastic pocket protects the advertising poster from the weather.
Billboards are closer to the level of sight, and we've become accustomed to associating these well-known stands with advertising, so passer-bys are more likely to notice the ad.

Traditional advertising stands are known as A-stands and are available in a variety of colors to suit your brand. MEB also has a Windmaster model advertising stand, the legs and design of which are designed to withstand even stronger winds. Both models are available in two sizes.

Advertising flags are also well suitable for restaurant and cafe advertising. They blow in the wind and are therefore attention-grabbing, gathering customers to you. You can see these especially near beaches, such as in front of beach bars or cafes, where there is naturally more wind.

An a-stand and an advertising flagAn a-stand and an advertising flag
Flag template by macrovector on Freepik

Work clothes with a brand

Work clothes are one of the most important ways to present the brand in customer encounters. From MEB, prints are available for either new clothes or you can bring already purchased work clothes and bring forth your brand with unique prints!

We have all the most common work clothes available, such as t-shirts, polo shirts and collared shirts, various headwear and aprons. We also sell Pure Waste textiles made from recycled textiles, if your values ​​include environmental friendliness and ethics.
You can also order fabric patches from us as a simple brand product attached to work clothes. Employees like to wear high-quality and stylish clothes at work.

An apron with a company logoAn apron with a company logo

Name badges for staff

With plastic name badges, you can express to customers, among other things, your role in the restaurant, for example your position as a manager. These signs can be attached to the chest with a pin or magnet.

You can also express your brand with an engraved or printed nameplate. Engraved nameplates are durable and available in, for example, gold or silver, while printed nameplates allow for a more detailed and colorful design.

You can easily and effortlessly order name tags for a large number of employees at the same time by selecting the option for variable information. There is no need to create a different design and file for each employee, changing information can instead be applied to the same design with a clear table file.

Name badge of a baristaName badge of a barista

Decorative posters

The interior of a restaurant is critical in terms of comfort, brand and theme. Could a Neapolitan pizzeria be Neapolitan without framed pictures of the home country or the chef in front of the the pizza oven?

Our decorative posters are of excellent quality and you can get the frames at the same time, becoming decorative boards and an inseparable part of the restaurant. Our posters are also available in different qualities and with different production methods, such as cotton canvas. You can also use, for example, printed signs, large canvases or fabric banners for interior decoration.

Check out our decoration products and place an order!

A framed decorative poster of a pizza in a traditional pizza ovenA framed decorative poster of a pizza in a traditional pizza oven
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Ordering prints for restaurants from MEB

MEB offers different options for purchasing print products for restaurants. You can order through this online store, by email or in our store. We recommend the online store if you are using standard products and you also have the files ready. As registered customers, you always get the cheapest price for a single product from the online store.

Graphic design of printed products

Printing requires a print-ready file. Creating a file requires an idea and sufficient technology. Depending on your creativity and available programs, here are the most common options:

Design the prints from scratch yourself

Prints can be designed with almost any program. We recommend using graphic design programs (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, etc.) or publishing programs (Word, etc.). If you can save a pdf file from the program, it is probably sufficient. Canva is an excellent free tool. You'll find product specific file instructions on product pages and general quality guidelines here.

MEB Design Service

Do you need help designing print products? You can leave the implementation on our shoulders. At a minimum, we need text content and possible images from you. If you have an indicative style in mind, all the better. Deciding on the font, illustrations and/or tone world will get you very far. In the MEB design service the cost is based on the elapsed time.

Package deals for restaurants

Are you interested in ordering more products? We will be happy to calculate you an offer that includes everything you need. So send us a message and we'll see how we can make your exhibition planning easier.

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