Engraving Service

MEB can engrave a wide range of materials and items. We engrave gift items, jewelry, plates, electronics, tableware and much more.

Engraving your own product

You can bring us almost any object with a hard surface. Engraving gives your gift a personal touch. Be sure to bring your object to our one of our shops for us to determine if engraving is possible. Your object's size, shape and material will all determine if it can be engraved. Engraving typically requires a flat or somewhat flat surface area to produce the best results. Pricing usually starts from 21€ for the first item.

Metal engraving

Metal items such as silver spoons, locks and hip flasks are popular objects to engrave. We can also mark on steel items with black marking. Aluminum and brass plates we have in our standard product range.

Wood engraving

Laser engraving is used to carve on wooden items such as drum sticks or cutting boards. Engraved wooden knives and Lapland-style "Kuksa" cups are also popular business gifts.

Glass engraving

We offer a range of engraved glasses but we'll happily engrave your own glass products as well. Typical items include champagne glasses or glass vases with flat surfaces.

Plastic engraving

We can engrave also plastic as long as it's hard enough and won't melt when lasered. We also offer plastic plates and signs as standard products.

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