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Stickers are the number one product in branding! With paper stickers you can brand takeaway boxes inexpensively and with plastic stickers you will be able to brand any product in a more durable way.

Paper stickers are also great as address stickers, labels, as well as name tags at events. The tough glue of the paper sticker stays well on clothes for a day.

Laminated Super Tack stickers are suitable for outdoor use and their durable glue sticks to almost any surface.

  • Paper stickers only in standard sizes
  • Plastic stickers we can cut into any size and shape
  • Laminating the stickers guarantees better sunblock and durability
  • With the SUPERVALUE production you get also bigger quantities for an affordable price

Also custom size paper stickers and other special stickers (gold, silver, 3D etc.) are available through our supplier. For a price quote contact

Same day / 24h
2-3 days
Supervalue 5-7 days

Save your 1:1 sized file in pdf format with texts flattened as paths. Mark cutlines with magento/pink lines. Add 2-3mm of bleed outside of the cutlines to secure clean cuts for full colour backgrounds.

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