Engraved Signs

Engraved plastic signs work well as door signs or warning signs and why not also as decorations.

Using the metallic coloured plastics you’ll get an expensive looking sign for cheap!

  • Available in any size and shape (max. 80x40cm)
  • Several different colour options
  • The engraving will stay forever
  • All our plastics are also suitable for outdoor use!

Tip! Also impressive cake decorations can be cut from plastic!

For larger orders we can also order other colours which don’t belong to our standard colour selection. Click here to see full range of colous.

For more information contact info@meb.fi

Same day / 24h
2-3 days

Save your 1:1 sized file in pdf format with texts flattened as paths. Laser engraving machine reads vector data. Texts and other engraved areas may be black on white background. Mark cutlines with magento/pink lines.

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