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Button badges with your own images, logos, text and other prints for fairs and advertising, corporate and election campaigns, events, fundraising, or just to show unity or interests, wherever you go. At MEB, you can order button badges not only in standard but also in custom sizes!

Button badges are an effective means of communication, affordable, easy to produce in large quantities, durable, and of high color quality, so you get a lot of value for your investment!

Button badges are simple and excellent for various communication purposes, such as expressing support or decoration, for example, attached to a bag flap or shoulder strap. Button badge travels with you everywhere, typically on your chest, so passersby and people you meet will notice it. A well-designed button badge leaves no guesswork, and the message is easily understood.

Easy to Design and Wear

Since button badges don't have much surface area and are size-limited, the images and elements placed on them should be simple, limited in number, and visible enough, such as a photo, logo, or text. The background should be clear and in contrast with the main element for better visibility.

Button badges are attached with a needle, so they are easy to slip through the fabric. The needle is one of the most stable attachment methods, so you don't have to worry about losing the button badges, and you can freely show your interests!

Materials and Manufacturing Process

Our button badge consists of three parts:

  • An aluminum badge with a clasp
  • Printed elements on paper
  • A transparent plastic coating

Our aluminum button badges are lightweight but durable, so they can be used for a long time without breaking and give a solid look and feel. We print the elements you send us on high-quality, color-preserving paper, which is placed on top of the aluminum badge. The final part is a coating made of Mylar polyester plastic, which protects the paper and allows the message of the pin badge to be seen. The coating is placed on top of the paper.

We place the parts in a mold and press them together with our professional-grade button badge-making machine, forming a finished button badge! Read more about our button badge machine on the seller's website.

Various Sizes for Button Badges

The diameter of our button badge is available in three sizes, and depending on the elements, you may need different sizes to effectively spread the message. You can also order a custom size for the button badges, so you can create an impression with an unconventional size! Specify the desired size in the empty text field on the product page.

Standard Sizes:

  • 25mm
  • 44mm
  • 58mm

Variable Information Option

You can order your button badges at the same time with different information and elements, for example, political parties can order enough button badges for all their candidates with photos and names, which potential voters and campaign workers can wear during the election period.

Send us a spreadsheet with all the variables, such as an Excel file, so we can place the information on different button badges.

ProductProduct SizeFile Size (including 5mm bleeds)Template files

Provide the file preferably in pdf format.

Read more about technical details here

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