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Congratulations to the future wedding couple! You are at the right address if you want to get the prints for your upcoming wedding party as easily as possible. MEB prints and helps you design and print all the products you need. At the bottom of the page you will find links to our wedding printing related blog posts.

Table of contents:

Most common products

Before the wedding

When you set the time and place of the wedding reception, it's time to focus on the communication. Etiquette says that the invitation to the upcoming party should be sent as a letter. If there is still plenty of time before the wedding, and the details are not yet clear enough, you can give heads up to the guests of what is to come by first sending a printed so-called Save The Date card. This starts off the anticipation to a great celebration and gives the first impression of it so it's essential to get them right.

Save The Date -card

Save The Date -korttiSave The Date -kortti

The Save The Date card could be translated into Finnish as a Save The Date Card and Don't Reserve Something Else To Do card. The card doesn't have to contain much other content, i.e. it's enough to tell what date (and year) it is and what to expect then. This is not an actual invitation yet. With the Save The Date card, however, you can already get your guests in the mood for the wedding and, if necessary, buy more time to plan the actual wedding invitations. MEB you can get the printed cards even on the same day if you are really in a hurry.

A normal card or a folded card is suitable as a Save The Date card . A suitable page size is postcard size A6 or even smaller A7.

Wedding invitation


The wedding invitation is usually sent to the guests at the latest a few months before the celebration. The recipient of the invitation is expected to sign up so that other wedding arrangements can be clarified, mainly in terms head count for the catering.

Before ordering invitations, one should come up with the theme for the wedding, wedding materials, and print products, as well as fonts for the texts, making the entirety consistent, aesthetically pleasing, and in some cases, recognizable.

While planning the theme, one could ponder what would be typical for this specific couple? In some cases one could think this couple was made for each other.

Here is a checklist of things that should be mentioned in the wedding invitation:

  • The subject of the invitation, i.e. the welcome to the wedding party
  • Names of the wedding couple
  • Date and time
  • The location of the ceremony and celebration
  • Registration instructions (diet, deadline)
  • Other instructions

A normal card or a folded card is suitable for a wedding invitation . A6 or 140x140mm square is suitable for page size, longer A65 or larger A5 works just as well. You can also choose different coatings and materials for the cards, as well as luxury customizations like bleached and textured paper or cream-coloured matte paper. We also have foil printing available for the cards and texts, making them shine against light. Names, for example, can be foil printed to be gold coloured.

MEB prints Wedding Invitations quickly and easily.

Extra details card?

Do you have any additional instructions for those arriving at the wedding party? These can be, for example, more detailed instructions on the location of the wedding party, the dress code or the participation of guests in program numbers. Often there is so much content that it makes sense to separate the additional information into its own card, which is sent as an attachment with the wedding invitation.

Envelopes and/or Address labels

Kuoret hääkutsuilleKuoret hääkutsuille

Wedding invitations and Save The Date cards are sent by post and remain intact when they are sent in an envelope.

You can go as far as you want with envelopes, but MEB offers a suitable solution for every wedding couple.

The envelopes are available in plain white, but our selection also includes more special qualities. This way it is possible to match the tone of the envelope to the tone of the cards.

If the party is big and there are a lot of guests, the marking of the addresses on the envelopes and the time it takes must also be taken into account. MEB makes this easier, as we can either print addresses directly on the surface of the envelopes (at the same time, other decorative printing is also possible) or on address labels, which can also be attached to envelopes purchased elsewhere. We only need a list (e.g. an Excel table) of the recipients and we will take care of the rest.

Prints for the wedding party

Make your wedding party look and feel like you. First, think about what kind of general atmosphere you are looking for. This is influenced by the location, servings and program, and the guests' own contribution in lifting the spirits should not be forgotten. You make the party guests feel safe when you communicate to them clearly during the different stages of the party. No one wants to have to guess where to go or what will happen next.


Opasteet häihinOpasteet häihin

Will we arrive at the party venue with our own cars? Nowadays, GPS and map applications on phones work well, but if they are not enough for navigation, there should be signs in strategic places along the way. You should also take into account the signs outside and inside the party venue, so that nobody's valuable time is spent getting lost or getting directions. Even if everybody finds their destination, signs are traditional and aesthetically a part of the bigger picture. If the bestman is not around to welcome the guests, you can use a nice sign to welcome the guests to the party and guide them further inside.

MEB prints all possible signs that are needed.  Printed signs can be made to withstand all weathers or fit different hanging methods. When planning signs, you should take into account how the sign is attached to a suitable place and under what conditions it will be in. The size of signs and texts should also be considered.

Table map & seating arrangement

Pöytäkartta häihinPöytäkartta häihin

The table map or seating arrangement is often the first thing guests come across when they arrive at the party space. The table map also gives the guests a subtle hint that they should take their seats so that the celebration can begin to go according to plan.

Often, the place of celebration has some kind of stand on which the table map can be placed at a suitable height and viewing angle. If necessary, it is also possible to attach it to the wall, but the seating map must still be in a visible place. The stand works with either a poster frame (the table map is printed as a poster inside) or a printed sign (e.g. a 5mm thick kapa board keeps the posture without a separate frame). The table map is most commonly made in A3, A2 or A1 size, but this is affected by the amount of text and the viewing distance.

Depending on the party space and the wedding couple's plans, the seating order can be marked either as a list or, if the space and table layout is more complex, as a visual map or floor plan. It may be easiest to just list the names of the guests per table and then mark the exact seats on the place cards. Also remember to mark the tables large enough so that guests can find the table that belongs to them.

Place cards

Paikkakortit häihinPaikkakortit häihin

It is up to the wedding couple to decide whether they want to determine the exact seats or let the guests choose their own seats at the table. In general, pre-assigned seating is recommended so that guests do not have to make difficult decisions themselves. Some of the guests might be special to the wedding couple, for example, the parents of the couple could be seated with the best view. The most popular way to mark a place is a small place card, where the guest's name is placed on the right side of the table.

Printing place cards is also recommended because MEB can print each guest name on the cards in a beautiful font, so you don't have to worry about your hand writing. All you have to do is send us a list of names and we can print the names onto the cards with ease. Place cards are usually folded into a triangle or "tent" or just plain flat cards.

Program and Menu cards

Menukortit häihinMenukortit häihin

When the guest has taken their seat, they begin to explore their surroundings. Most of the time, at this point, you are interested in what happens next. There is always some kind of a card or leaflet on the table, which shows what will be served for food and entertainment.

The most common format is a printed card, with a program/schedule on the front and a menu on the other side. The card can be oblong (A65 standard size 99x210mm) and neatly arranged as part of the table setting on a plate or napkin. Each guest's own card printed allows different languages and diets to be taken into account, and the guest also gets a nice memory from the card.

The menu and program cards can also be shared by the table. Corresponding double-sided cards can be standing up, attached to some kind of clip, at suitable intervals along the table. Another common print product in tables is a 3-panel narrow table triangle, i.e. a card (usually A4 size), which is folded in two places so that the final result is three sides of the same width (A4 becomes 99x210mm panels when folded). With glue, the triangle stays in shape throughout the party. The third panel can be used, for example, to mark the table number or name.

If you want to give the guests something else to read in addition to the program and menu, the printed product can be more multi-page. For example, stories about the wedding couple, different activities (for adults or children), crafting instructions, descriptions of wedding guests or other interesting content can also be printed as a booklet.

Prints for entertainment

The wedding party often includes a program that activates the audience. Especially in the early evening, it can be good to seat the guests, for example, to quiz or enjoy speeches or other presentations. From MEB, you can get prints for all kinds of uses, so that your guests are left impressed by the props and prints.

Quiz forms

Quizzes and other program numbers that require writing can be done with ease or with high quality. MEB has different and strong papers on which you can print stylish forms.

Photo prints

The star of the party is of course the wedding couple themselves and the guests are interested in the stories and memories related to them. Photos or photo books can be used to bring the best stories into visual form. In many parties, there is a table on which you can find some image related to the wedding couple, perhaps next to the guest book

Cardboard figures and photo frames

In recent years, various props and frames made for photos have become popular. From MEB, you can order realistic-sized cardboard versions of your own full-body photos, which, thanks to their background support, stand ready for selfies with guests. Frames mimicing the Instagram app are also trendy for photo spots. MEB can also print background walls and fabrics for the background of photos or other spaces.


It is common for the wedding couple to receive engraved champagne glasses or other glassware as a wedding gift. Of course, nothing prevents an object from being engraved by the wedding couple for the wedding party. MEB can engrave glass, wood, metal and almost any other surface.


Paper or plastic stickers can be used in different games, where the guests must form groups according to some criteria. Marking drinks or dishes with stickers can also be appropriate if you want to avoid the spread of germs.

Printing on textiles and clothes

Weddings usually have a traditional dress code, but for more special program numbers or purposes, you can print different clothes or accessories with your own texts and graphics.

After the wedding

A successful party will remain in the memories, but with different print products you can make it more tangible.

Thank you cards


Wedding etiquette ends with sending a thank you card to the guests. Usually a card has a short text of thanks and a picture of the wedding couple. If there is a gallery of photos taken at the wedding party online, there are usually instructions on how to browse it in the thank you card.

These cards are good mementos and can be customized per receiver, such as the dear parents of the couple with a unique message.

You should invest in the materials and the looks of these cards, while following the chosen theme, so that the entirety is consistent to the end.

Photos and photo books

For many, weddings are one of the most important parts of one's life, so there's almost always a hired professional photographer or a relative or a family friend who knows how to take photos. These photos can be then shown in the future to own children or go through memories while cleaning the house.

These days, photographs are recommended to be storaged in digital forms in cloud based databases as safekeeping from things like house fires, but physical copies are nostalgic and have a unique sensation and atmosphere. These prints must be high quality to accurately capture the original photo, but they should also last decades.

In addition to image prints that go to albums, the wedding couple can also frame them as portraits. MEB also prints picture books, but there is usually more planning to do with them if there are a lot of pictures.

Ordering prints for weddings from MEB

MEB offers different options for purchasing print products for weddings. You can order through this online store, by email or in our store. We recommend the online store if you are using standard products and you also have the files already. As registered customers, you always get the cheapest price for a single product from the online store.

Graphic design of printed products

Printing requires a print-ready file. Creating a file requires an idea and sufficient technology. Depending on your creativity and available programs, here are the most common options:

Design the prints from scratch yourself

Prints can be designed with almost any program. We recommend using graphic design programs (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, etc.) or publishing programs (Word, etc.). If you can save a pdf file from the program, it is probably sufficient. Canva is an excellent free tool.

Use premade templates

Stop struggling with an artistic vision and take advantage of ready-made templates designed by professionals

In the Canva program, you can find free and paid templates, which are also easy to edit within the program. There are also other sites on the web that have templates that can be modified.

MEB Design Service

Do you need help designing print products? You can leave the implementation on our shoulders. At a minimum, we need text content and possible images from you. If you have an indicative style in mind, all the better. Deciding on the font, illustrations and/or tone world will get you very far. In the MEB design service the cost is based on the elapsed time.

Wedding packages

Are you interested in ordering more products? We will be happy to calculate you an offer that includes everything you need. So send us a message and we'll see how we can make wedding planning easier.

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