Decorative posters - High quality Printing technologies and papers

Top-quality and colour-accurate posters for decorating your home, office or any other object! Not to mention, our production time is like no other!

You can order a decorative poster from your own image file and choose a suitable printing paper, making it a unique part of your interior.

In addition to just the decorative poster, you can also get frames for it, so the poster becomes a piece of art to bring colour and finesse to the wall. We also offer support in designing a decorative poster and preparing an image file.

Decorate your walls

Decorative posters are an excellent way to decorate your home, office or other walls. You don't need expensive paintings, our colour-accurate and top-quality posters will do the trick.

By choosing your own photo for the decorative poster, you can bring a unique touch to the interior. A photo of your family, your own artwork, a landscape picture, a design or a painting, anything could be the subject of your poster.

You can also buy a frame that matches your decorative poster from here, in which case the poster truly becomes a piece of art.

In addition to interior posters, you can also buy printed signs to bring an exhibition-like atmosphere or canvas prints to imitate the feeling of paintings.

If you are looking for a solution for the purchase of a larger number of posters, you should also look at the more affordable advertising posters!

Advanced technology guarantees quality

We use premium inkjet printing to print decorative posters, which brings out the colours of the poster with the precision of a photo and is suitable for the most demanding images and graphics.

For this, we use Canon's imagePROGRAF PRO-4100S printer and top-quality Canon Lucia TD inks.

Our printer takes advantage of eight ink colours instead of the normal four. A wider range of inks enables a more accurate colour than usual, so that your image is printed accurately and brightly, exceeding expectations. Read more about the features and benefits of the printer and inks from here.

Comprehensive paper selection for different purposes

There are a couple of options for decorative poster paper:

  • Matte 140g. Pleasantly rough and high-quality matte poster paper is suitable for designs with light backgrounds and shades
  • Photo Satin 190g. Semi-glossy paper, best suited for dark colours and photos. Excellent colour vibrancy.

We also produce images in other materials and with more affordable printing techniques. See the options below or check out other interior products from here.

ProductProduct SizeFile Size (3mm bleeds)Templates

Provide the file preferably in pdf format. Pages should be on separate pages but may be in the same file. Remember the bleeds (3mm).

Read more about technical details here

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