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Exhibition event coming up? Great, because at trade fairs and other events your company has the opportunity to present your services, products or operations face to face with interested people! The trade fair stand and materials distributed to visitors should have eye-catching branding, otherwise your message will be lost in the trade fair noise. At MEB, we have noticed that you don't always know how to prepare for expos in time. Fortunately, you can get prints from, even while waiting and also during the weekend. We have collected information on this page about products that will improve your chances of success at the trade fair. Remember that from us you also get a full service including design and installation.

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Most common products

Exhibition stand and area

Will the trade fair be organized in the Helsinki Messukeskus, Wanha Satama or some other expo center in Finland? Different venues set different restrictions on the exhibition stand, for example in terms of size or technology. Make your booth match the brand of your company or organization.

Expo walls


The exhibition stand itself is rather plain with white modular walls or in some cases just an allocated space in the middle of the floor. MEB offers different solutions to make any booth pop. The most common solutions for branding the walls of the exhibition stand are:

Pop-up wall

The sturdy structure that pops open telescopically is easy to set up in seconds. The fabric print is attached to the wall with the supplied velcro or magnet. The wall is approx. 30 cm thick and they are available in standard sizes. The height is 226cm and the widths are approx. 152cm, 226cm, 300cm or 373cm. The pop-up wall can be used many times and you can later buy just a new print if the frame is still in good condition.

Pop-up seinäPop-up seinä

Light wall with aluminum tube frame

The light wall is built from aluminum pipes and other parts in approx. 10 minutes. A hood-like fabric print is strung over the structure so that the back side is also a cool fabric surface (and also printable). The light wall stays upright with the help of aluminum legs, the depth of which is 40cm (20cm front and back). It is possible to make an aluminum pipe structure with fairly free dimensions, but the most common height is 238cm. Suitable width can be found in the fork 80cm - 600cm.


Roll-up banner

The printed banner is pulled up from the aluminum base and hung on the end of the aluminum stick coming behind. A product familiar to many in the most common size 85x200cm, but it is also possible to get roll-ups in extra wide sizes. However, we recommend the aforementioned wall solutions for walls over 100 cm wide and roll-ups for other uses.


Printated board

If the exhibition stand has fixed walls, it is worth finding out if they could be covered with printed thin board. Kapa board or corrugated cardboard is light and can be attached with screws or double-sided tape. The end result looks finished and "built", when separate stands and structures are not needed. Printed signs do not fold, like stands, so the transportation and installation of large pieces should be taken into account in the design phase.

Tulostetut kyltitTulostetut kyltit

Posters or banner

The cheapest solution to add branding to the background is to print a paper posters or banner fabric or PVC plastic  banner. You should find out how to get prints attached or hung on the wall of the fair stand before ordering.


Roll-ups and other display stands


Roll-up banner is an absolute standard accessory for trade shows. If you had to choose only one printed product to bring to the exhibition, it would be the 85x200cm standard roll-up. It travels conveniently in a carrying bag and stands up in a few seconds for any department. The size of the banner is large enough that you can certainly get your message across to viewers from further afield. 

You can also make your message visible with different kinds of printed signs and boards. If people bumping into each other is not a problem, you can order a human-sized print supported from the back out of light board. Everything more special and fun attracts attention at the fair.
MEB can also organize a wide variety of advertising stands, which you can find inspiration in the catalog:

Expo furniture

What do you want visitors to do at your booth? If you want them to look at samples and printed materials, you probably need a table. The table also provides a natural spacer and gives Finns a safer feeling in the form of social distance. When there is a counter in between, there is no risk of the fair staff being uncomfortably close and it is more pleasant to examine the products at the table. MEB can supply various printed counters, tables and tablecloths.

Logo signs and stickers

Is it possible to attach a logo board above the fair stand? MEB can print entire boards or produce a sticker, that is attached to an existing plate. With logo stickers, we also brand your other furniture that you have purchased for event use.

Printed materials and advertisements

Flyerit & esitteetFlyerit & esitteet

Fair visitors receive a huge amount of information during their visit, and the challenge is that your product, company, association, idea or other message will remain in their mind. This is why so many advertisements are distributed at fairs. A printed flyer, card, folded brochure or booklet is the one "longer than a hand" that, according to your potential customer, leaves and ends up at home or on the office desk.

Flyers and brochures

The lightest and most common advertisement at fairs is a flyer. If your ad has a lot of content, you may need to use a larger paper size or preferably a folding brochure that is compact but does not compromise on the amount of printing space. A brochure is a suitable advertising format when you want to tell about your company or products and activate the recipient of the ad into action. At the fair, you should consider some kind of campaign to get the fair visitor to try the service. For example, a discount code for an online store or another benefit that you can remind about in your flyer is suitable for this.

Business cards and postcards

A business card is a universal tool for all encounters. Even at fairs, they must be included and grabable from the stand on the table of the fair stand. With the business card, you share contact information and promote contacts after the trade fair.

Larger cards are suitable for almost any use. An advertising postcard is nice to take home. You can also grant a benefit to a fair visitor, and if it is printed on cardboard, the recipient has a higher threshold to give it up.

Booklets and catalogues

At trade fairs, you can reach your target group more effectively and you should invest more in individual fair visitors than at consumer fairs. If your company has a wide range of products, you can print your product catalog as a booklet or book. At MEB, you can find all finishing methods, from stapled notebooks to softcover glue-stitched books.

Dressing up for trade shows

Your trade show booth probably has staff. It is important that the expo visitors immediately recognize who runs the show and who to approach. People are part of the department and marking them is therefore just as important as the rest of the department.

Logo clothing

Pöytäkartta häihinPöytäkartta häihin

From MEB, you can get corporate clothing in all colors and designs - printed, of course. Expo staff should ideally wear identical clothes, but the most important thing is that the color of the clothes represents the company's brand. The logo and texts can be printed or embroidered.
The most common items of clothing for fairs are t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. Also safety vests are also appropriate clothing in some cases and certainly stand out. If you can't find suitable clothes in the selection of our online store, you should ask us and we can look for suitable solutions in the selections of our suppliers. You can also bring your own clothes to be printed.

Lanyards and card holders

With printed lanyards, you give your staff a professional look. Logo neckbands can also be given to guests as key rings. From MEB you can order lanyards of all sizes and holders.

Event Badge holder

A plastic card holder usually hangs from the neckband. Our selection includes holders for plastic cards and cards/passports of different sizes.

Name badges

A name tag is a smart way to express that someone is part of the staff. A sign attached to the chest with a pin or magnet can even replace a print. If the trade fair staff changes, and it is not possible to arrange own clothes for everyone, you can mark the person who is on duty at any given time with a logo sign. MEB's selection also includes card holders that can be fastened with a pin.

Promotional products & giveaways

Little promotional gifts are commonly distributed at the fair. A utility item, such as a ballpoint pen, is a joy even after the trade fair, and your ad can be conveniently placed on its side. From MEB, you can get a huge selection of different promotional items and giveaway items.

Kynät logopainatuksellaKynät logopainatuksella

Ballpoint pens and other writing supplies are the most typical sight on the fair table. They always seem to disappear from the cup, so be prepared with enough stock. MEB will find a pen that fits your budget and brand.

Promo products

The range of logo products is huge. From MEB, you can order anything from keychains to thermos bottles and bags to umbrellas. You can look for inspiration in the catalog of best-selling products:

Ordering prints for trade shows from MEBOrdering prints for trade shows from MEB

MEB offers different options for purchasing print products for exhibitions. You can order through this online store, by email or in our store. We recommend the online store if you are using standard products and you also have the files already. As registered customers, you always get the cheapest price for a single product from the online store.

Graphic design of printed products

Printing requires a print-ready file. Creating a file requires an idea and sufficient technology. Depending on your creativity and available programs, here are the most common options:

Design the prints from scratch yourself

Prints can be designed with almost any program. We recommend using graphic design programs (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, etc.) or publishing programs (Word, etc.). If you can save a pdf file from the program, it is probably sufficient. Canva is an excellent free tool. You'll find product specific file instructions on product pages and general quality guidelines here.

MEB Design Service

Do you need help designing print products? You can leave the implementation on our shoulders. At a minimum, we need text content and possible images from you. If you have an indicative style in mind, all the better. Deciding on the font, illustrations and/or tone world will get you very far. In the MEB design service the cost is based on the elapsed time.

Package deals for expos

Are you interested in ordering more products? We will be happy to calculate you an offer that includes everything you need. So send us a message and we'll see how we can make your exhibition planning easier.

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