An office and its workers around a table, surrounded by MEB printing productsAn office and its workers around a table, surrounded by MEB printing products
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Office print products

Is the trade fair around the corner, but the marketing department lacks brochures? Does the HR department need branded clothing for the company's summer event? Did the logo pens run out? Everyday life and events in the office require a variety of print products, and you can get everything you need for your company's needs from MEB, even on the same day!

Marketing departments want to improve business by creating awareness and telling about the features and benefits of products or services. It is worth getting printed products, as they are an excellent way to create awareness and a good location matters as well

HR departments want to promote the well-being of employees, and one aspect is fellowship within the company. By printing products with, among other things, the company's logo and name, the name of the department and each employee, you give them the impression that you care, and a gift is never a bad thing.

The consultants are assisting the business in mapping and developing its current state, but a typical problem is resistance to change or questioning of expertise. With impressive training materials, you can get your message across and start the development work effectively!

Whatever the purpose, you can get all the necessary print and printed products from MEB, even on the same day!

We can also assist in designing when you order the designing service from us. If you need the products quickly, you can choose the Rush production, and if you order a lot at once and want additional savings, you can choose the Super Value production.

On this page, you will find the most common print products used by companies, and we will tell you about their features and benefits.


The most common products

Print products for marketing and advertising

MEB trade show and advertising products around a trade show standMEB trade show and advertising products around a trade show stand
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You can get all kinds of marketing and advertising supplies from us at MEB, from business cards to brochures and from advertising posters and signs to stands. These are also excellently suitable for trade fair activities, which you can read more about on its own theme page!

Business cards

Business cards are still an excellent way to share contact information and spread the brand to potential customers. By making them impressive and of high quality, you give an excellent first impression and improve your chances of acquiring new customers.

A traditional business card is a simple one- or two-sided card that can have not only contact information but also other things, such as logos, decorations or even scannable QR codes. Business cards can be left in a card holder on the table in the office or lobby, where visitors can take a card from it for a later moment. The pocket-sized card case allows you to hand out business cards yourself during visits.

  • Several standard sizes or a self-defined one, so you can fit enough elements and make an impression with an unusual card size.
  • Many options for paper material, each of which is suitable for different purposes and values, such as luxury paper for important customers and recycled paper for those interested in ecology.
  • Other choices enable creative solutions for unique business cards. With lamination you get durable business cards and an excellent feel, with gloss effects you get realism and a wow effect, and with rounded corners you get a special card and you don't have to worry about the corners wearing out.
  • Order business cards for all your employees at the same time with the option of changing information.

You can also order a sample card, so you can try the end result and possibly request changes before mass production.

two stacks of minimalistic white business cards for a companytwo stacks of minimalistic white business cards for a company
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Training materials and other document prints

Consulting firms are hired to assist with the mapping of the company's current state and business development, but they may encounter resistance to change or belittling of the professional expertise. For this reason, the training materials must be particularly convincing and impressive, and the information must be clearly expressed and in an appropriate format.

You can print, for example, your PowerPoint files as large canvases or place training materials inside brochures to facilitate the distribution and absorption of information. From us at MEB, you can get your training materials in almost any format, so don't hesitate and order them from us!

Research results and training materials in the form of a brochureResearch results and training materials in the form of a brochure
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Flyers and brochures

If you want to present your product or service or something else in a more detailed but compact way, you can order flyers and brochures from MEB! Flyers are perfect for handing out, for example, at fairs, customer meetings, with mailings or within the company!
These products can include information about, among other things, products or services, the company, campaigns and possible discounts related to them, research results, reports, etc.

One- and two-sided, with or without folds, these products allow you to share information in an easy-to-read format and the various elements can fit easily. From MEB, you can also get booklets with several pages, which can fit a longer story about the company!

A product presentation printed in a brochureA product presentation printed in a brochure
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Posters and signs

High-quality and weatherproof accessories for advertising and marketing needs. HR departments and consultants may also use these products for their own purposes. Posters can be used as advertising posters, product and brand posters, and workshop posters, among other things.
You can order these either in poster form or as a more permanent sign. Posters and signs have been researched to be easier to remember, and with a good location, they can collect a lot of views.

Many options for size, paper and coating, which enable versatile use. Order express delivery and we'll print your marketing materials even on the same day, when a strict deadline is not a threat!

Smartphones discount campaign in an advertising posterSmartphones discount campaign in an advertising poster
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Advertising stands

Traditional stands for displaying advertising posters! With the help of advertising stands, posters can be placed in different ways, for example in the direction of busier routes. The stands are also much closer to the eye level and are eye-catching due to their appearance, so it is much more likely that the message of the poster will be seen!
In addition to traditional a-stands, we also offer wind-resistant Windmaster stands, so you don't have to worry about them falling over. You can get A-stands in several colors according to your brand, and each model is available in two sizes.

From MEB, you can also get roll-up standees, and they are excellent for, among other things, trade fairs and corporate events, as well as customer meetings. Roll-up standees with posters are easy to transport with the help of carrying handles and are visible from far away, so you maximize visibility, and together with an effective and impressive-looking message, you attract customers and seal deals!

In addition to roll-up standees, we at MEB also have flags for marketing purposes. In addition to trade fair events and customer meetings, the flags are perfect outside stores, and at summer events, beaches, political events and in many other purposes.

A consulting firm advertisement in a roll-up standeeA consulting firm advertisement in a roll-up standee
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Document folder

When doing business with important corporate clients, it pays to create impact at every step of the process. Folders created for special purposes should be decorated accordingly, for example, a folder decorated with the company logo on top for important documents, such as contracts to be signed, which is handed over to the signees. Compared to standard folders, these give a sophisticated look.

Our document folders are printed, so decorating is easier. There is a pocket glued to the inside of the folder for storing documents. Check out the folders on their product page!

A printed folder for a project proposalA printed folder for a project proposal
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Brand products to distribute to employees and customers

An office worker with a brand hoodie printed by MEB and on the table is a coffee cup with MEB penguin mascot pressed on itAn office worker with a brand hoodie printed by MEB and on the table is a coffee cup with MEB penguin mascot pressed on it
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These days, companies strive to influence their employer image and the internal and external awareness of their brand in many different ways. One of these ways is to distribute products with the company's brand to employees, such as clothes, coffee cups, pens, etc. With these products, it is possible to bring the company's brand to the awareness of outsiders by using them outside the office as well, most commonly through clothes.

Textile prints

Improve your company's employer image and spread your brand by purchasing printed brand clothing from MEB! With us you can find the most common textiles for brand clothing, such as t-shirts, hoodies, blouses, polo shirts, pique and collared shirts, headwear and fabric patches.

You can also make an ecological choice and choose Pure Waste clothes made from recycled fibers or bring your own textiles to be printed at our establishment! The clothes are suitable, for example, for printing the company's brand, department or own name.
Improve fellowship in your company and get brand clothes from us!

A hoodie with a company logo printed on itA hoodie with a company logo printed on it


There are mugs and coffee cups in practically every office and you can easily get them from us with your own logo and text! Label the cups by employee and you will know who has left their cup unwashed. You can get either a regular ceramic cup or a retro mug from us, and they withstand machine washing well. Get personalized coffee cups for workplaces made by MEB!

A mug with a company logo and text printed on itA mug with a company logo and text printed on it
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Mouse pad

Along with coffee cups, mouse pads are one of the most common products in offices and you can customize them with the brand's own logo and text. The size of the mouse mat is 25x19cm.

Increase the feeling of fellowship and internal brand awareness with printed mouse pads!

A mouse pad with a customised picture and textA mouse pad with a customised picture and text


Pens with the company's logo are perfect for the office, as well as for handing out as promotional products at, for example, trade fairs. Many pen models, from pencils to ballpoint pens, and the materials vary from wood to plastic and aluminum. Several colors and different printing techniques are available for the pens, check the features for each product.

Increase internal brand awareness with MEB pens and print them with the company's logo and text!

Pen with a company name and logoPen with a company name and logo


There are already calendars in almost every device, but the traditional paper calendar is nostalgic and follows the same principles as other ways to break away from excessive use of electronic devices. It is easy to mark important dates in the calendars with a marker and stay up to date. Printing your own pictures on calendars is easy.

A calendar with a customised pictureA calendar with a customised picture

The everyday of the office

An office worker with an MEB-made employee badge. On the table are a classical ink stamp and an ink pad for stamping documentsAn office worker with an MEB-made employee badge. On the table are a classical ink stamp and an ink pad for stamping documents

Many printed products become necessary in everyday office life, for example employee ID tags, access passes and other name tags, business cards, stamps and document archiving products. Save time and make working easier with these products!

Employee identifiers

Many workplaces require strong identification to gain access to business-critical premises where either trade secrets or confidential information are stored, usually using access control cards hanging around the neck and attached to a lanyard. In some professions, it is more appropriate to use a name tag attached to the chest for conventional identification. Make your staff's everyday life easier with effective means of identification!

Employee ID cards and staff badges

Badges for everyday encounters and access control systems. We can take the photos in our shop, create a file and print the ID card while you wait, and a service fee will be charged. Alternatively, you can bring a ready-made image file, reducing the price of the ID card. These cards are suitable for small construction sites, other workplaces and, for example, as passes to trade fairs, conferences, and access control systems when equipped with a magnetic stripe.

An employee ID card with a magnetic stripeAn employee ID card with a magnetic stripe

Employee name badge

Name tags attached to the chest for workplaces. In some workplaces, it is easier to use these signs instead of a tag hanging around the neck for more everyday identification and leave the magnetic stripe cards in your pocket to wait for opening locks. These badges can also be used at trade fairs and other similar events or anywhere else.

An employee badge with a name, title and the company logoAn employee badge with a name, title and the company logo


If your job description includes a lot of routine markings, such as dates, signatures, approved/disapproved decisions or other markings, we at MEB have the perfect solution for that: High-quality and efficient stamps! With the help of stamps, your hand will not get tired and your work will be more efficient.

We have automatic stamps for e.g. stamping signatures and logos, date stamps for archiving documents, traditional manual stamps for e.g. marking rarer decisions, and stamp supplies for refilling inks and ink pads. Read more on the stamps' own pages!

A traditional manual ink stampA traditional manual ink stamp

Document prints

From us, you can print reports, contracts or similar quickly, even while waiting. If the office printer breaks down or you only print occasionally, come to MEB to print your important documents quickly, easily and inexpensively!

Our excellent location in the center of Helsinki, close to businesses, enables visits in the event of an emergency, and our fast service ensures that you don't spend too much time getting prints, but instead have time for other productive activities.

A document print of a company reportA document print of a company report

Office branding and decoration

Offices can also use other print products in addition to the ones mentioned above. These are suitable as decorations, for example:

Logo signs

The company's logo is at the heart of the brand, and one way to strengthen it is to place reminders of its existence both outside and inside the company, for example on the wall, window and door. These are also suitable as decoration elements, depending on the appearance.

For this purpose, we at MEB have, among other things, printed signs, engraved signs, logo stickers, cut 3D letters and transparent plastic sheets made of plexiglass.

Company name in printed 3D lettersCompany name in printed 3D letters
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Decorative posters and other prints

The office doesn't have to be dull gray, so decorate it with stylish elements, such as decorative posters! These elements can be used to communicate, among other things; the company's brand, for example with logos and slogans, values, such as ecology or social responsibility with related messages, and messages that increase motivation.
Decorative posters can also be equipped with other elements for no other special purpose, for example photos and art.

Our prints are of top quality and we can also get frames to bring a dignified look. In addition to high-quality inkjet printing, posters can also be obtained from us in other ways, for example as cotton canvases.
The office can also be decorated with other print products: plate prints, large canvases, even fabric banners covering the entire wall or roll-up standees and flags for company summer events, for example.

Order decorative products from us and bring personality to your office!

A decorative poster with a picture of a Flamingo on itA decorative poster with a picture of a Flamingo on it
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Stickers are excellent for branding, for example marking doors and walls with names, titles, brand slogans and logos, mailings or everyday office reminders. The stickers are also perfect for decorating trade fair stands! If necessary, you can also get an installation service from us.

Read more about stickers and find the right one for your purposes on our website!

Stickers with a company logo on themStickers with a company logo on them
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Ordering prints for offices from MEB

MEB offers different options for purchasing print products for offices. You can order through this online store, by email or in our store. We recommend the online store if you are using standard products and you also have the files ready. As registered customers, you always get the cheapest price for a single product from the online store.

Graphic design of printed products

Printing requires a print-ready file. Creating a file requires an idea and sufficient technology. Depending on your creativity and available programs, here are the most common options:

Design the prints from scratch yourself

Prints can be designed with almost any program. We recommend using graphic design programs (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign, etc.) or publishing programs (Word, etc.). If you can save a pdf file from the program, it is probably sufficient. Canva is an excellent free tool. You'll find product specific file instructions on product pages and general quality guidelines here.

MEB Design Service

Do you need help designing print products? You can leave the implementation on our shoulders. At a minimum, we need text content and possible images from you. If you have an indicative style in mind, all the better. Deciding on the font, illustrations and/or tone world will get you very far. In the MEB design service the cost is based on the elapsed time.

Package deals for offices

Are you interested in ordering more products? We will be happy to calculate you an offer that includes everything you need. So send us a message and we'll see how we can make your office life easier.

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