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Multi-page booklets work well as programmes, catalogues, training guides, instruction manuals or even as comic books.

  • Standard booklets only in standard sizes
  • Premium booklets also available in custom sizes
  • High-quality paper option in different thicknesses

Standard booklets come straight out of the printer as a ready product so there will be a white border on all sides –these are also possible to order with a trimmed premium cover.
All pages of a premium booklet are trimmed and they are printed on a higher-quality paper.

The maximum page count of booklets depends on the paper thickness, but if your file has over 40-48 pages, they have to be attached to the covers with adhesive binding. Ask for a price quote for this from

Basic document prints can also be attached into transparent plastic covers with adhesive or with comb binding. You can order them here.

Same day / 24h
2-3 days
Supervalue 5-7 days

Service fee 8€ is applied on shop/email/phone orders for this product.

TuoteSivun kokoTiedoston koko (2mm leikkuuvarat)

Upload the booklet file in pdf format. Pages may be as separate pages, do not combine them into spreads. Remember bleeds (2mm) when you're ordering Premium booklets with full color backgrounds.

Read more about technical specifications here

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