Elevate your space with personalized wall calendars featuring your own cherished moments. MEB offers a diverse selection of calendars tailored to your taste. Printed on premium-grade materials, your photos come to life in vibrant detail, creating a unique decor piece that keeps you organized.

  • Your Photos, Your Calendar: Transform your memories into a functional work of art. Our custom calendars showcase your own photos, ensuring every glance holds special significance.
  • Quality That Lasts: Meticulously printed on premium materials, our calendars are designed to stand the test of time, maintaining their visual brilliance throughout the year.
  • Thoughtful Gifts: Share the joy of personalized calendars with loved ones. It's a gift that keeps giving, adorning their space with cherished moments.

Turn your wall into a captivating canvas of memories. Explore our range of personalized wall calendars and experience the perfect blend of functionality and artistry. Order yours today and surround yourself with the moments that matter most.

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Service fee 8€ is applied on shop/email/phone orders for this product.


Calendars have a cover page and 12 months/images. Name your image files according to month numbers (ie. January = 01.jpeg, December = 12.jpeg) and package all photos including the cover image into a ZIP file and upload that onto the product page. If the zip file size is over 50mb use a file sharing service (ie. and paste the download link to the zip file.

For Top bind and Table models the image ratio is 3:2 and for Center bind the image ratio is same as A4 = 1.41:1 but if your photos are not in the exact correct ratio we will crop them slightly to match the product printable area. You may also request that we leave white around the photo to make sure the entire photo is visible. Please write your requests in the Product comment field below.

If you make your own calendar you can design your files in the final product size and save them into a pdf file. Remember the bleeds (2mm).

Read more about technical details here

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