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Small plastic, aluminium or brass plates are ideal for trophies or gifts or small signs for office etc. When they are made to custom match your outlet or business, the clients also feel a sense of pride to hold them. Which is why we have availed our plate cutting service to make you amazing plates for your business.

With a team of experienced artistic designers, we can easily turn your 2D designs into amazing plates by cutting and engraving to your specifications. We provide a wide range of plastic plate cutting services where the size, shape, holes and corners can be customized to your own preferences.  We have four different categories of sizes you can choose from. These include Small, Medium, Large and Special sizes. Under the small option, you get to choose from 4 sizes ranging from 50x10mm to 70x30mm. For the medium size, we have a choice of 6 sizes, ranging from 75x25mm to 130x50mm. The large category has choice of five sizes, from 150x50mm to 200x80mm. Lastly, our special category has choice of 3 sizes including 50x17mm, 64x24mm and 73x27mm. You can also have a custom size of plate made for you.

When it comes to choice of colors, we have a wide range of solid and full colors you can choose from. Simply choose a color that matches your business theme, since maintaining brand consistency is very essential. We can engrave them with your choice of words and numbers for improved convenience. Choose typeface that best matches the typeface used on your logo or company name.

Our plastic, aluminium or brass plates are very tough and highly resistant to impact. They will serve you and your clients for a life time. They come in a variety of thickness and sizes to match your preferences.

We have a quick delivery system where your plates will be shipped to you within 2 to 3 business days.

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