MEB Money

MEB Money

Found some MEB Money somewhere? Nice!

MEB Money coupons are valuable currency in our online store. We give away MEB Money during campaigns mostly in our affiliate’s business premises. You  receive MEB Money coupon, when you make a purchase worth over 10 € in MEB Money campaign store during campaigns. We also give MEB Money sometimes as a thank you to our customers and social media followers during campaigns. Follow us on Facebook to see how can you get more MEB Money!

MEB Money isn’t just a single offer. You can pay with it. MEB Money is business card sized flyer with unique discount coupon. Each code is valid only once.You can collect multiple coupons and use them in a single purchase to maximize the benefit. You can use maximum 5 MEB Money coupon codes in a single purchase, However, you can get maximum -50 % off the total prize. You must use total value of your MEB Money in a purchase. MEB does not reimburse the remaining value. Every MEB Money is valid until the end of the year marked on MEB Money. See frequently asked questions about MEB Money!

MEB MONEY is easy to use!

You can use the value of the MEB Money to discount your online purchase from our webshop. It is easy – First add the products you want to buy to shopping cart. Then just type in the unique coupon code on your MEB Money note in the Coupon Code field in shopping cart and click Add. You can use maximum 5 MEB Money codes per purchase.

MEB Money demo

Rules and conditions

  • MEB Money must be used online. (If you need to use it in the shop for some reason, we charge 8€ service fee)
  • Maximum of 5 coupons can be used per order online.
  • Maximum discount is 50% of the order
  • Each code can only be used once
  • An unused code will not be reimbursed
  • Coupon value must all be used at once in the same purchase
  • The code is valid until the end of the year written on the MEB Money
  • Discount can only be given from products, not services (services include scanning, design etc.)
  • A lost MEB Money or code cannot be returned
  • MEB does not reimburse coupons codes that are invalidated because of technical error on MEB online store or customers technical solutions.

Mister easy business recerved the right to chance campaign rules during campaigns. The changes can be seen on this campaign page. We also reserve the right not to give discount to those who abuse rules of this offer in deceitful and/or professional way. In cases when the aim is unclear, Mister easy business chooses to give or to refuse the the offer from customers. The maximum benefit of MEB Money is 25€ per purchase.