Design Service

Design Service

We like keeping our design service up to date with the contemporary concepts and trends in the market. However, when designing, we aim to come up with completely unique designs that can distinguish your brand from the rest. What is particularly important to us is keeping your layout designs, which means doing business cards, flyers, posters, menus etc in line with what your customers expect.  We keep our design concepts are rapidly changing so as to meet the needs of our clients from all business niches. We also do simple professional looking layout designs which you can get fast & at an affordable rate.

The impact created by professionally designed and high quality graphics in any marketing campaign is very important and determines the success of a business. At MEB, we keep all these factors into consideration when designing for your organization or business. We strive to combine your ideas and vision with our high end creativity to come up with high quality results. Simply share your idea with us and we will give you admirable results that your clients would love to be associated with.

Despite our design service being of the highest quality with lots of authenticity, we promise to deliver it at cost effective rate. We can handle simple designing tasks that you can wait to be ready. We charge a simple affordable rate of €4 for every 3 minutes of designing. However, the first 6 minutes are absolutely for free.  We can as well handle large design projects, which we charge at the rate of €80/1hr, €70/ 2-5hrs and €65/20hrs+.  We can only give our price bid after checking your project and identifying the starting point and requirements. This is why arranging an appointment with us is more important.

For more information regarding our design service, contact us via our email: info@meb.fi.

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