Clothing & Textiles

Clothing & Textiles

Delivery time: 2-3 days / 1-2 weeks

Same Day / 24h Rush Service available

Printed clothing & textiles form a great way of letting your brand known to the public all year long. When won, a person can market your brand wherever they go. This is why they are an ideal choice of gift to give your employees and clients. They will always leave a good impression on the minds of clients who will always remember you whenever they want to make purchase.

Whether you want custom graphics for your upcoming event, promotional gifts for clients or simply a way of letting your brand known, we have state of the art textile printing machinery to satisfy your needs. We print on a wide range of fabric materials including cotton, polyamide, simply choose your style of fabric and we will have it done. Whether you want single sided or double sided printing, we will have it nicely done to enthrall the recipients.

We offer clothing & textiles printing on a wide variety of clothes, including shirts, T-shirts and jackets. We are not limited to clothes only but we can have our unique prints on handbags and common bags to reflect your brands.  To ensure that the imprints last longer, we use high quality printing technology that permanently sticks to your textile. The imprints cannot be washed out easily thus will always stay on to market your brand wherever the wearer goes.

Getting started at MEB is pretty simple. Select the type of cloth you want, the custom text and the design you like then send your message to us. After a couple of days you shall have your textiles ready. We offer quick printing with an artistic approach to make the end results more unique and appealing.

Your printed clothing & textiles will be ready within 2 to 3 days if it’s a small order number. But can go to a maximum of 1 to 2 weeks for large orders.

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