We want to make sure our loyal regular customers can get their printing done easier, faster and cheaper. If you have a constant repeating need for any MEB product our B2B system might be for you!

In MEB B2B system we create a customised web ordering platform just for you. Through your B2B shop you can order pre-defined products without the need to remember technical details such as size or paper type. B2B orders are invoiced once a month and pricing is determined by your monthly use – buy more, pay less.

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Top Features

Your own product range

You decide what products can be ordered through the system. They can be standard MEB products or something completely unique for your business.

Design Tool

You can customise B2B products with the online design tool. You don’t need to have any special software to for example change a phone number on a business card.

User Management

You choose who you give the ordering rights to. Just yourself or also your employees? You can even open your B2B account to the public so that anyone can order.

Order Management Tools

As the administrator you can review and confirm all the orders before production. Orders will be saved and can be re-ordered as needed.

Contract pricing

Prices are tailored to reflect the actual usage. Monthly billing will also allow volume discounts, even if the orders come one by one and in smaller quantities.

B2B Examples

MEB to Business

Organize your business’s administration and marketing needs.

Your employees are the users. You as the manager accept individual orders placed by your staff. MEB manufactures and supplies products and orders will be invoiced monthly.

To Who:

– Any small or medium-sized company with a need for continuous administration or marketing tools such as business cards, uniforms, name badges, campaign posters and flyers etc.

Business to Business

Offer your products to your customers online.

With B2B system, you can also sell directly to your customers online. In this case the users are your customers rather than your employees. You are the B2B account manager and you take care of adding your customers to the system and give them login credentials. MEB is responsible for maintenance of the site. All communications, trade and monetary transactions are between you and your customers. It is possible to integrate a variety of payment methods to your B2B e-commerce platform.

To Who:

– Import companies or manufacturers who want a non-public ordering system for retailers.

Business to Customer

Open your e-commerce to the world.

To maximize the number of visitors to your B2B e-commerce, we can set it open to anyone even without a user account and login details. New customers can order products as a “Guest-user” and optionally register as a regular customer while finalizing their first order. When a new customer signs up they get their personal login details automatically by e-mail.

To Who:

– Artists and photographers who want to sell their own works
– Companies with a relatively small range of products
– Fan products sold by companies, such as sports teams

How can I get the MEB B2B system for my business?

Please contact our customer service and we will then talk with you about the best possible solution for your business.

Email: info@meb.fi